• Next Generation Special Lubricants for Automotive Industry
  • Speciality Lubricants Specialist since 1834
  • High Performance Multi Purpose Grease for Cement Industry
  • High Performance Speciality Lubricants for Steel Processing
  • Bechem Avantin Metal Cutting Fluids for Unmatched Performance
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BECHEM Lubrication Technology - Specialty Lubricants for Critical Industrial Applications

Quest for a perfect lubricant that can reduce friction and maximize performance under varying environmental conditions has continued over ages and led to the development of advanced lubrication technologies.

While reduction of friction between contacting surfaces is still the primary concern, modern day lubricant shoulder much enormous responsibilities. The lubricant not only has to contend extreme operating conditions such as excessive temperature, water exposure, dirty and dusty environment but in some cases also provide lifetime lubrication. Such demanding applications require special lubrication technology.

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