Before launching the new website.

Hi and welcome to our website

Something awesome is coming soon.

We are building something very cool. Stay tune and be patient. Your patience will be well paid.

Welcome to the informational age
We’re enjoy the world of technology
Never felt this modern world could emerge
Magical world with braveness and courage.

Who knows how many millions of years ago
it was when I lived in that earthly sapphire,
wearing human form? The desire
to acquire information on the internet,
to travel across websites galore,
to connect worldwide was part of a tide,
a movement that intimated something more…

I’ve sought to spend each day in life
in search of curious things,
like art and programming code,
and the richness that they bring.

I hope to write more code
and share my code in webform,
and with my use of written code,
paint art with shades and tints.

I’ve fancied a new website,
where the famous five are found,
a place where everything stand tall,
against the setting sun.

Key after key, letters clamor onto my screen
In valiant effort to create that never before seen
Braces and brackets, colons semi or not
It’s taking some time, patience and thought

A picture, painted by ten thousand letters
Divinely presented with wonderful CSS headers
And more, this picture will be able to do
For its features will be far from few

With this, my final dream fulfilled,
I see my list complete,
full circle with this Commonwealth,
my restless feet at peace.

But ‘til that time when I am done,
and I can serve you,
I’ll dream of lands beyond my reach,
and one day touch the stars.

My friends will come to greet me,
though a lifetime I’ve been gone,
and united we’ll share memories,
for the present and beyond.

About BECHEM India

Pioneering the technology, BECHEM, has developed a vast array of high performance lubricants for critical applications across industry segments. Equipped with state-of-the-art production units in Germany, India and China, BECHEM has the capability to supply high performance specialty lubricants across the world.

BECHEM India is a 100% subsidiary of BECHEM GMBH with its Corporate office and plant located in Bangalore. BECHEM India is ‘ISO/IATF/16949 : 2016’ certified and manufactures high quality speciality lubricants for critical applications in various industries such as Cement, Steel, Automotive, Textile, Food & Pharma, Sugar Processing and Metal Working Processes.

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