Anti-Friction Coatings

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Anti-Friction Coatings

Anti-Friction Coatings

Dry lubrication is advantageous over wet (oil and grease) when adhesion, lifetime lubrication and appearance, are crucial requirements of the application. Dry lubricants perform exceedingly well at elevated high temperatures extreme pressures and in vacuum. Also, dry lubricants are environmentally friendlier as there is no after use disposal involved as with wet lubricants.

BECHEM’s range of Anti-Friction coatings are developed with combination of high quality solid lubricants, organic/inorganic binding agents, solvents and high performance additives. These performance coatings from BECHEM have provided excellent results to customers.

As application of the coating to the work component plays a critical role in the performance of the anti friction coating, BECHEM also collaborates with Partners who provide these services. Customers thereby don’t have to worry about coordinating with the multitude of entities.

Advantages of Anti-Friction Coatings

  • Excellent reduction in friction and wear. Constant friction values with low variation
  • Wide service temperature range from -200 C to +650 C
  • In majority of applications, lifetime lubrication is feasible
  • Suitable for materials such as metals, plastics, elastomers and wood
  • Possible to have decorative appearance. Thin lubricated layers between 5-30 µm can be achieved.
  • Good coverage rate with an average usage of 15 m² / kg.
  • Bonded lubricant coatings can be re-varnished.
  • Does not cause hydrogen embrittlement in metals

BECHEM’s Range

Berucoat AF

Specially developed for metallic surfaces, Berucoat AF range contains friction-inhibiting agents and performs exceedingly well under extreme pressures.

Berucoat AK

Berucoat AK ranges are nearly invisible coatings when applied but are excellent noise dampeners. These anti squeaking coatings are specially developed for plastics, leather and metal pairings.

Berucoat FX

Berucoat FX range of anti friction coatings provide superior parting effect between contacting surfaces and is specially suitable for application on flexible elastomer materials. Fortified with solid lubricants and developed with nano technology, Berucoat FX provides good adhesion to the coating surface.

Berucoat MC

Developed with the revolutionary microcapsule technology, Berucoat MC range of anti friction coating develop an extremely powerful lubricating film between friction partners and guarantees outstanding lifetime.