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Reliability through Specialty

BECHEM’s automotive range have proved to be reliable performance enhancers for the diverse and critical requirements of the automotive industry.

Lubricant characteristics vital for the smooth functioning of critical automotive components include,

  • Wide service temperature range
    • Automotive vehicles need to operate effortlessly in sub zero environments as well hot sweltering conditions. Correspondingly, the lubricants used in various critical automotive components also need to perform in extreme temperatures
  • Material compatibility
    • At high temperatures, plastic composites tend to diffuse and lose their inherent characteristics by borrowing from or combining with ingredients of contacting surface or lubricating medium. Migration of the lubricant molecules inside the plastic composite result in the undesired affects of swelling and softening of plastic material
  • Electrical compatibility
    • Modern day automobiles contain host of electrical components such as motors, actuators and switches. These components also contain moving surfaces and need to be lubricated to avoid severe electric arc formation and jaded surfaces
  • Durability and corrosion protection
    • The lubricant has to form a protective film around the contacting surfaces and prevent corrosion and wear against the odds of water, dirt and varying loads.
  • Noise dampening ability
    • Undesirable squeaks and rattles caused by vibration in operational condition is a common problem faced by auto and component manufacturers in spite of good design. These squeaks can be muted by use of specialized automotive lubricants.
  • Life time lubrication
    • In many automotive applications intermittent lubrication is not possible, the lubricant will have to maintain its composition until lifetime of the component
  • Environmental compatibility
    • Lubricant should be devoid of heavy and toxic metals.

These critical requirements can be met only with high performance specialty lubricants. BECHEM works along with renowned auto and component manufacturers across the globe in developing intelligent specialty lubricants that suit their applications seamlessly whilst also ensuring short product development durations.