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Recommended water

  • pH value 7
  • Hardness : Up to 50 ppm
  • Chloride content <25 ppm
  • No bacterial or fungal attack
Initial Filling


  • Always add oil to water and not the other way
  • Add oil slowly to water with constant stirring
  • Use of mixing unit is recommended for better results.
  • Compressed air and coolant pumps should be avoided.
  • Use of Bechem System cleaner is recommended.
  • Add 1% system cleaner of the cutting fluid in the tank.
  • Circulate the cutting fluid normally for 12- 24 hours.
  • Drain the entire system.
  • Refill with fresh water to circulate throughout the system.
  • Flush out the entire water so that all traces of cleaner and swarf are removed.
  • For better results flushing should be done with 1% emulsion.
  • Charge the tank with fresh emulsion.
  • Keep the required concentration stable.
  • pH should be measured regularly.
  • Check the appearance of coolant for colour, odour, foam, cleanliness of the system etc.
  • Avoid all sorts of dust.
  • Remove tramp oil from the coolant tank.