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Open gear lubricants

Berulit GA 400 / 800 / 2500

Berulit GA series (400 /800 /2500) is a specially developed service lubricant devoid of bituminous ingredients or toxic heavy metals. The Berulit GA series can also be applied through automatic spray systems for large open gear drives operating under heavy loads and high circumferential speeds.

With a service temperature range of -20˚C to +200˚C, Berulit GA series possess good adhesion and excellent wear protection properties. The graphite based lubricant with high base oil viscosity forms consistent lubricant film under pressure and prevents metal-to-metal contact under high/shock load conditions.

Berulit GA series is recommended for open gear drives of mixing drums, dryers, ball mills and rotary kilns. It also finds its application in heavily loaded couplings, slew ring gears of converters, drag lines, cranes, crushers and excavators equipped with central or spray lubricating systems.

Please consult a BECHEM Application Engineer for selection of the suitable grade of ‘Berulit GA’ series for your application.

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