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Berusynth GP 150

Berusynth GP 150 is high performance synthetic gear and circulation oil with EP additives for gearboxes running under high mechanical or thermal loads. Possessing excellent oxidation stability and shear resistance, extended oil changing intervals can be achieved with Berusynth GP 150.

This synthetic lubricant with high viscosity index is recommended for spur, conical and worm gears used in textile mills, winches, cranes and conveyors. With wide service temperature range, Berusynth GP 150 can be used in gear boxes and circulation systems that operate continuously in temperatures above 100˚C as well as mechanisms that operate in freezing conditions. Also, Berusynth GP 150 does not react with mineral oil resistant seal material or machine paints.

The product is recommended for application in textile industry in Comber headstock gearbox as well as Dobby gearbox of loom. ‘Berusynth GP 150’ is approved by ‘M/s. LMW’ for high speed motors.

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