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Beruplex LI EP 2

High performance grease used to lubricate plain and roller bearings exposed to high and low temperatures. Beruplex LI EP 2 is an ideal lubricant for extreme environmental conditions such as humidity, aggressive atmosphere and water exposure.

Beruplex LI EP 2 contains corrosion and wear inhibitors that allow mechanisms to operate at adverse conditions such as high and shock loads, vibrations and centrifugal forces. This specially developed lubricant is recommended for application on wheel and pressure bearings, electric motors, generators etc.

In the textile industry, Beruplex LI EP 2 is recommended for,

  • Detaching roller bearings of high speed combers,
  • Needle roller bearings of bottom fluted roll of speed and ring frame,
  • Drive motor bearings of ring frames with power ratings less than or equal to 55 kw.

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