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boom crane grease While Berulub PAL 1 is the preferred choice for boom crane applications, BECHEM's wire rope lubricants have stood the test of time even in corrosive and dusty environments

High Performance Greases for Telescopic Boom Crane

Crane operations typically involve lifting and moving heavy objects and cargo with tonnage sometimes weighing beyond 1,000 tons. While such operations are carefully planned and orchestrated, the machine elements are subjected to immense stress and need to perform flawlessly and with precise synchronization. The telescopic segments that form central part of the crane absorb extreme surface pressure during actual operations. Smooth movement of these telescopic tubular segments is directly related to the health of the lubricating film on the segments.

Given that Cranes mostly operate under dusty conditions as well direct exposure to weather conditions such as humidity, rain, temperature variations, the lubricating film should remain intact even after repeated movement. Any variation or break of the film on the sliding surface would result in jerks or erratic movement of the boom. This critical interface requires special lubricants.
Telescopic segments that form central part of the crane are under extreme surface pressure during actual operations

Why should you consider Berulub PAL 1

Berulub PAL 1 is a high performance synthetic adhesive grease that is designed and recommended for heavy duty telescopic boom crane applications. Formulated with ester as base oil, PAL 1 is highly viscous and extremely adhesive. The additive package includes the optimum combination of antioxidant additives, anti-wear additives and anti-corrosion additives. Berulub PAL 1 also has a high dose of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) that provides continuous film for extended duration and thereby longer service life.

Recommended by Terex, Grove and Liebherr, Berulub PAL 1 is the preferred global choice of lubricant for telescopic tubes of heavy duty cranes.

Advantage Berulub PAL 1

  • Provides excellent lubricity with minimum quantity
  • Minimal wear of boom parts even after repeated sliding
  • Extended re-greasing intervals because of adhesive property
    • No spill over or wastage
  • Less downtime for maintenance because of less wear and longer greasing intervals
  • Designed to work under very high and low temperatures as well as wet and dry environments

Basic Characteristics

Thickener Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Base Oil Ester
Service Temperature ℃ -40 to 150
Consistency NLGI 1 Also available in NLGI 3

Berulub PAL 1 can be applied by brush, spatula, roll or spraying system. For more information write to us at, sales@bechemindia.com or call us at +91 80 66900800/818/819.