BECHEM, has developed a vast array of high performance lubricants for critical applications across industry segments. From high temperature greases for Steel mills to life lubricants for automotive components, BECHEM strives to create value for customer’s processes through consistent efficiency and environmentally  responsible products.

It offers the industrial user a high-performance range of lubricants for various tribological challenges. BECHEM’s comprehensive range of lubricants include special and multipurpose greases and pastes, mineral and synthetic oils, anti-friction coatings as well as process fluids covering the complete range of metal working operations.

Apart from core heavy industries such as Steel, Cement, Power and Railways, BECHEM also caters to various industrial segments like Automotive, Textile, Sugar Processing, Food & Pharma, Paper Processing and Metal Working Processes.


Wide range options of lubricants just right for your successful project. Specialty Lubricants for Critical Industrial Applications.




Oils & Fluids


Anti Friction Coating


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