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Application Product Properties NSF Certification Viscosity mm2/s
Synthetic circulating and gear oils Berusnyth oil
  • Neutral in smell and taste,compatible with Conventional oil
  • Provides protection against wear. Has high load carrying capacity
  • Special formulation guarantees high wear protection and extended service life
  • Recommended for oil fills and lubrication of production, transfer, filling and packaging machines such as hydraulics, gears, circular lubrication, air blowers, air compressors, pneumatic maintenance units, transport and transmission chains etc.
    H1 15 to 1000
    High temperature synthetic chain oil Berusynth CB 180 H1
    • Ability to withstand high operating temperatures (upto 230 C)
    • Has very good wetting and penetration properties
    • Resistant to hot and cold water. rovides superior corrosion protection
    • Recommended for use in baking and drying ovens and transport drive chains
    H1 180
    Salt/dust resistant oil Berulub Fluid W + B
    • Multifunction oil, neutral in smell and taste and resistant to water
    • Resin and acid free lubricant, removes dirt and dust on the application
    • Recommended for chains in flour-dust surroundings
    H1 70

    To download the NSF certification for BECHEM H1 products, Follow the Link http://info.nsf.org/usda/psnclistings.asp

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